Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Kerry: $200 Billion For Iraq Better Spent on Education

In a speech in Cincinnati, John Kerry declared his new position on Iraq, and it most likely the position he will take from now until the election. John Kerry stated that the money that has been spent on the Iraq War would have been better spent on domestic issues such as education and health care:

I would not have made the wrong choices that are now forcing us to pay nearly the entire cost of this war: $200 billion that we're not investing in education and health care, job creation here at home; $200 billion for going it alone in Iraq.

It seems almost unbelievable that the Democratic nominee for President of the United States does not understand the problem with that statement. After the massacre in Russia and with the upcoming anniversary of September 11th how can any serious person believe that at this time in our nations history the $200 billion spent on the War in Iraq would have been put to better use on domestic issues? Hugh Hewitt asked a very pertinent question on his show today: Would the Russian government have been willing to pay $200 Billion to prevent the massacre of school children? If they were given the choice would the cost have been worth it? Of course Russia was not given the choice, but the massacre has led them to state that they will take preemptive action to avoid another terrorist attack. Britain is supporting their decision.

What price is too high to pay for the security of this country? To deny that Saddam Hussein was a threat is to be willingly ignorant of history and the facts. Just today on CNN there is a report that more banned material, including missile engines are turning up in scrap yards amongst shipments of scrap metal from Iraq. This is material that was ban under UN mandate and not declared by the former Iraqi regime. Saddam Hussein actively supported and harbored terrorists. He produced and used weapons of mass destruction, he defied the UN for 12 years. He continued to deceive the inspectors to the very end. He would have never submitted willingly to the demands of the international community. The task is difficult and more soldiers will die for the cause, a cause that John Kerry labeled yesterday the "wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time".

John Kerry has taken his new stand on Iraq. He believes the war was wrong and that the money would have been better spent on domestic issues such as education and job creation. How must that statement make the men and women currently serving in Iraq feel? What of the families who have lost loved ones in the war? How must they feel knowing that the man who would be president thinks that they died in vein?

John Kerry will cut and run in Iraq. he will leave the jog undone and the sacrifices made by this country and especially by the families of the armed forces will have been for nothing. John Kerry is an appeasement candidate. He expresses sympathy when he should express rage. He believes that it is possible to rationalize with men and women who can stab an 18 month old baby multiple times, who shoot fleeing children in the back.

The press is in an uproar about Dick Cheney's statement that a Kerry Presidency lead the country back into a September 10th mindset and thereby invite another terrorist attack. John Kerry's statements on the war the past two days make VP Cheney's statement irrefutable.

A John Kerry presidency would be dangerous because he seems not to understand the fundamental issue of our time. It is not education or the environment, it is the security of the country.

Kerry's confusion on the war is not all his own. the confusion, sadly, is shared by 90% of his party and the elite media in this country. Today as Russia essentially adopts the Bush Doctrine of preemption, fundamentally changing the dynamic of the war on terror, the press and the Democratic Party are debating whether or not the president actually fulfilled his national guard duty, for which he was given an honorable discharge over 30 years ago.

Just as it was when Reagan was fighting the Soviet Union, half of the country is fighting evil and the other half is fighting those fighting the evil. What will it take? How many thousands of people will have top die, how many babies will have ot be stabbed, children blown apart, planes hijacked, car bombs detonated, innocents slaughtered before the left in this country realizes there is no price to high to pay to defend this country?

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