Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Kerry Campaign In Crisis-Verging On Meltdown

The Kerry Campaign is in crises mode and according to the Daily News, Kerry is furious. Not at himself of course, because he can do no wrong, but at his staff, who he feels is botching the campaign. So furious is Kerry that the man from Nantucket is ordering a shake up in his campaign. The media outlets are onto this early, as most of the stories of the crises didn't pop up on the blogs until yesterday. But Kerry's sudden drop in the polls has sent the Democrats scrambling for answers.

Hugh Hewitt interviewed a very defensive Terry McCauliffe yesterday on his show. McCauliffe feigned ignorance on the Cambodia story and ducked the questions by trying to say that the President doesn't think we can win the war on terror. He also tried to deny that Kerry has been avoiding the press. But he has been avoiding the press. He has not gone before serious reporters since August 1. When your candidate is avoiding the press, changing his campaign leadership and unable to speak without offending half of his base he is in trouble.

More on Kerry in Crises here, and a round up of articles on RealClearPolitics.

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