Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Kerry In Crisis, and the Media Notices

Ther are a slate of articles this morning on the sorry state of the Kerry Campaign. Kerry is attempting to rebrand himself and concentrate on domestic issues. The Democratic challengers staff has told him to get off of national security, as it is an issue on which he cannot top the president. John Kerry attempted to do that yesterday, but the crowd gathered to hear him speak did not comply. In a question and answer session someone asked about Iraq. John Kerry replied that it was the ,"wrong war at the wrong place at the wrong time". Thus he has started the last 60 days of the campaign by flip-flopping on the war in Iraq again. Truly pathetic. The Bush Campaign ingenious move of cornering Kerry into an answer on the war will help highlight each subsequent flip-flop.

The Gallup Poll has the President with a seven point lead. With the Democratic candidate unable or unwilling to take a stand on any issue has caused James Pinkerton of Newsday to write an article titled, "Bush's Stands Clear, Kerry's Murky". Mr. Pinkerton certainly does not lavish praise on the President, but comes to the conclusion that many seem to be coming to, John Kerry is not the right man to replace a clear wartime leader. This has put the GOP in a good position for the final leg of the campaign as noted by Tod Lindburg in today's Washington Times. The Kerry Campaign has stated that they will sharpen their attacks on the president and Lindburg asks a reasonable question: What will they say? Kerry has taken so many positions that it will be almost impossible for him to make a substantive attack without contradicting himself.

In the Washington Post, reliable Democrat E.J. Dionne is asking his readers if John Kerry can match the "Comeback Kid". He manages to get in several cheap shots at the President, including a suggestion that because the Swift Boat ads have been so effective they must be controlled by the Bush Campaign. In the Wall Street Journal, Brenden Miniter answers E.J. Dionne's question in his article titled, "Bush Will Bury Kerry". Miniter looks at many of the intangibles in the election and conclude that "50-50" nation is a myth. He also goes out on a linb and predicts that Kerry will not get as large a percentage of the popular vote as his mentor, Mike Dukakis.

It will likely be a close election, but at this point the nation seems to favor President Bush.

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