Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Main Stream Media To Attack President Bush's National Guard Service - Again

As unbelieveable as it may sound, the mainstream media is about to unleash yet another attack on President Bush's national guard duty. Drudge is reporting that the Boston Globe and the AP are both set to run stories claiming again that the President failed to fulfill his duties during the Vietnam War. Apparently these media organs have decided to try to help a struggling Kerry Campaign. The AP report reveals nothing that had not been revealed before, despite the fact that the report is based on newly found documents. The Boston Globe will apparently report that Bush didn't fulfill his duties.

These reports come at the same time that the major media organizations including the Today Show on NBC will give three days to a new tell all book by Kitty Kelly. In the book the author alledges, among other things, that the President snorted cocaine at Camp David in 1992, while his father was President of the United States. Despite the fact that many magazines and news programs declined to interview thw author becaus ethey were uncomfortable with the sources and reporting, the Today Show will feature the author and the book for THREE DAYS next week. This is unbelievable. It is a sorry, sorry statement on the media in this country that any of theis has to be discussed.

Can we as a nation now move away from the charade of an unbiased, up the middle media? The Today Show is at the bottom of the gutter that is the mainstream media . Kitty Kelly has made similar outrageous claims over the years, most unsubstantiated and ignored. But in a desperate effort to throw a lifeline to the sinking Kerry Campaign the media is willing to throw what shred of journalistic integrity they may have had left.

This is a sad time in American History. There are two America's. One America is at war with a deadly enemy that has a goal of world domination at the cost of millions of innocent lives. The other half of America seems unaware of teh threat that faces America. They have been consumed by Michael Moore disease, intent on bringing down the President of the United States no matter the cost, no matter the depth to which they have to sink. That is their war, and the media is on the front line. The mainstream media is the frontline force fighting that war.

The media will report the outlandish stories of Kitty Kelly and will breathlessly report the rehashed stories that George Bush was AWOL. It is sickening and gut-wrenching that the American political system can be drug to these depths by the depraved personalities in the press, but it is our new reality. This is only the beginning of the depravity. We will have to see worse before the election. The Democrats and their allies in the press will stop at nothing. No lie is to disgusting, no story to outrageous for the media to "report".

What will it take for the Democrats and the media to become serious, trust worthy organs again? The attacks of September 11th did not change them. The continual murdering of innocents around the world has made no impact. The slaughter, shooting in the back, the rape and murder of children in Russia has made no impact. the press has barely reported the massacre, and John Kerry made one statement of sadness.

This is truly, truly pathetic.

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