Thursday, September 16, 2004

Memos Tied To Texas Kinkos

The forged CBS memos have been linked to a Texas Kinkos, 21 miles from the home of Bill Burkett. Michael Dobbs reports in the Washington Post that Robert Strong, one of the three people interviewed by CBS, stated that he saw the Kinkos fax header at the top of the page. The fact that the Kinko's is only 21 miles from the home of Bill Burkett is significant. He has been fingered by Newsweek as the source of the documents. He is a common since suspect which led him to be named as a primary suspect on A Time For Choosing. KerrySpot readers have also found another interesting tidbit of information. The phrase "run interference" appears in one of the memos. A Kerryspot reader googled the phrase "run interference + Burkett" and lo and behold it appears that it is a favorite phrase of one Bill Burkett.

Also in the Washington Post, Howard Kurtz reports that Dan Rather has finally conceded that the memos are "suspect". Rather has come to the conclusion after interviewing Lt. Col. Killian's former secretary who reiterated the fact that she did not type them, and had they been real she would have been the one who typed them. Rather has apparently stated that if it is found that the documents are not real the public will hear it from him, not from a surrogate. He should say it with a box of his office stuff in his hands on the way out of the door for good. If he is forced to admit the documents are fake after insisting publicly they are not and after demanding the President answer questions based on the information contained within them, he should be forced to resign. Period. End of sentence.

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