Wednesday, September 08, 2004

More Gloomy Headlines For the Kerry Campaign

Despite the media's attempts to throw a life-line to the Kerry Campaign, there are more headlines from today that do not paint a rosy picture for the Massachusetts liberal:

Kerry Campaign Under Fire - Richard Wolffe, Newsweek

Kerry Campaign Seems Destined For Failure - Nicholas Von Hoffman, New York Observer (not exactly a right-wing rag) Notable quote:

With the Kerry candidacy melting faster than a candle at the end of a long, tipsy dinner party, we might as well get started on the postmortems. Better to pass the time passing the blame than sit around guessing what America is going to be like after four more years of family values.

If Mr. Kerry loses, which he seems pretty well set on doing, the moment of defeat will be seen as the decision to go for the Republican trap and raise a hullabaloo about the Swift boat TV advert. A week or more of campaign time was lost in defensive expostulations over how wrong it is and how President Bush should disavow it. Of course, every time Mr. Kerry or his fellow Democrats let loose with a howl over the ad, they lost that many more voters who came to believe it or simply decided that, if the big difference between the two candidates was a silly TV ad, who needs John Kerry?

It seems incredible that neither Mr. Von Hoffman nor Senator Kerry have figured out that the problem is not the Swift Boat Ads, but the candidate.

John Kerry's Vietnam War Troubles Won't Go Away
- Zev Chafets, New York Daily News

Democrats in Disarray
- Tony Blankley, Washington Times

As John Kerry goes deeper into the fever swamps of conspiracy and Vietnam voyeurism the number of articles that express the same basic feeling are likely to grow.

By the way Mr. Kerry, it is a new day, where do stand on the War in Iraq?

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