Saturday, September 11, 2004

More Nails In Dan Rather's Coffin

It is now a pile-on. Dan Rather is as big a fraud as the documents he holds. Dan's cohorts in the main stream media are doing nothing to protect him, which is as strong an evidence that the documents are frauds as there is. The two men CBS said verified the story of the memo have now come forward to say that they were misled by CBS. The Dallas Morning News is running a story pointing out that the man supposedly exerting the effort to "sugarcoat" the President's service retired 18 months before the memo was written. Mark Steyn has an excellent (as usual) column that basically mocks CBS and Dan Rather. Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs now has an animated GIF on his site that demonstrates the fact that a memo typed in Word 2003 with Times New Roman Font and the default Microsoft settings is identical to the memo that was supposedly typed on a typewriter in 1972. Powerline is challenging CBS to make their copy of the memos available to be tested for age (although they acknowledge this is not a reliable test). There is still a reward of over $10,000 for anyone able to recreate the memos on standard equipment available in 1972. No one has been able to do so. The Boston Globe has intentionally(?) misquoted a forensic scientist, in fact the leading forensic expert on this matter, and he is not happy about it. They used his quotes in an article that said the questions had been answered and the documents are real. The New York post wants to know what Mr. Rather has to hide. The daughter of the man Dan Rather interviewed has now publicly stated that her father is a liar. Peter Duncan has provided what must be the most thorough example of why the memos are obviously a fake, and over at Kerry Spot, Jim Geraghty has declared "game over". Michelle Malkin has some advice on what should happen next and is wondering whether the FEC should get involved in "ForgeryGate".

It is interesting to note that each time Dan Rather has spoken in defense of the documents he spends as much time droning on about the seriousness of the questions about the President's guard service as he does about the documents themselves. Dan Rather is either a hack or a man so foolish that the President's enemies knew he would be easy to dupe. It is probably both.

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