Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More On Rathergate

Howard Kurtz interviews the two documents experts that revealed yesterday that CBS had ignored their warnings about the memos used in the 60 Minutes II that aired last Wednesday.

Deborah Orin has an interesting article featuring ex-forger Frank Abagnale, who was the inspiration of for the film,
Catch me If You Can
. After serving several years in prison for his crimes he was released after agreeing to help the FBI indentify forgeries for free. He states that the forgeries are so obvious and crude as to be laughable.

Everyone in the country now realizes and has admitted that the documents asre false except for CBS News. It is obvious that they are trying to protect the source of the documents. At the end of the Post article Deborah Orin says that when the Post asked a spokesman for CBS if they could rule out a Democrat with ties to Kerry as the souce, the CBS spokesperson said, "I can't answer that" - and hung up. When dan Rather has to reveal his source, the source will in some way be tied to the Kerry Campaign.

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