Thursday, September 09, 2004

Navy to Expand Investigation Into Kerry's Medals?

It is possible that the Navy is going to expand the investigation into John Kerry's medals. The investigation was sparked by a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch after the group learned that Kerry's Silver Star contained a "V" for valor, an combination never awarded by the Navy. On his website John Kerry has three different versions of the citation for the medal, two of which do not contain the required signature of the secretary of the Navy. The latest version of the citation does contain the signature of the then Navy Secretary John Lehman who denies ever writing, seeing or signing the document.

Even Kerry biographer Doug Brinkley, who not so long ago defended Kerry against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, is now saying that Kerry needs to release all of his records. Brinkley recently said:

"Clearly some of these military records should be made available to the press," he said on Steve Malzberg's WABC New York radio show today.

Brinkley also said that if the Navy investigation reveals deception in connection with Kerry's medals, it could be the "death knell" for Kerry's campaign. Professing uncertainty about what to make about the Swift Boat Vets' claims, Brinkley said: "Right now it's unclear. So we have to just wait to see what all this adds up to."

Prediction: Sometime in the weeks ahead Doug Brinkley will be forced to write an oped for a major newspaper in which he will state that he was betryed by John Kerry. Brinkley may favor Kerry, but he will not be willing to allow his career to be sunk if it begins to look as though John Kerry has been less than honest about more than just his first purple heart.

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