Saturday, September 18, 2004

Pentagon Releases More Bush Guard Documents

Yesterday the Pentagon released sevral more files pertaining to teh Presidents sevice in the Texas Air National Guard. The press doesn't seem to be interested in these documents however, probably because they include a letter to the President's father citing his son's excellent performance and include proof that President Bush did indeed make up Guard Duties that he missed while in Alabama. The AP's Matt Kelley filed this report.
It is interesting and pthetic to read how the AP and the Democrats have tried to spin the latest documents. The AP reporter actually manages to mention Kitty Kelley and her tabloid book. Most telling and most pathetic is Terry McAuliffe's statement:

"If the president was truly proud of his service he wouldn't be releasing these documents on a Friday night," DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe said in a statement. "These documents demonstrate yet again that George Bush was a fortunate son who received special consideration unavailable to the average American."

Yep. The Pentagon released the documents on a Friday night, so that must be proof of some sort of wrongdoing.

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