Sunday, September 19, 2004

Roy Hoffman On John Kerry

Roy Hoffman, founder of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth has a guest column in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch. It is a devestating article, at leaset as powerful as the commercials that have been released. At the end of the article Rear Admiral Hoffman, who was the overall commander of US Swift Boats during Kerry's time in Vietnam, discusses John Kerry's meeting with Madame Binh in Paris in 1970. Hoffman states that Kerry returned to teh United States after meeting with the leader of the Communist North Vietnamese and urged the American government to accept her peace agreement.

There are many people who probably do not know that John Kerry met with the North Vietnamese (the enemy) during a time of war while still a commissioned officer, without permission of the United States government. This fact is sure to make it into an upcoming Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad.

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