Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Senator Zell Miller Interviewed In National Review

National Review's John J. Miller has a great interview with Zell Miller. Key questions and answers:

NRO: In your book, you write, "National Democratic leaders are as nervous as a long-tailed cat around a rocking chair when they travel south." Does the vice-presidential nomination of North Carolina senator John Edwards mean the Democrats intend to compete in the South?
MILLER: John Edwards doesn't have anything to do with Democrats carrying the South. He's an articulate spokesman and the no. 2 guy from the Democratic primaries. But southerners won't vote because of a zip code or an accent. They'll vote based on where candidates stand on the issues. A lot has been made out of me voting with Republicans in the Senate. I haven't voted for a party; I've voted for a political philosophy, a conservative position. I like to say it's not whose team you're on, it's whose side you're on. Edwards is friendly and has great political skills. But he's wrong on the issues, badly wrong. I'm surprised he wound up so far on the left. He got bit pretty early by the presidential bug, and you have to go as far left as you possibly can to win in Iowa and New Hampshire.

NRO: Why aren't there more Zell Millers in the Democratic party?
MILLER: The Democratic tent has shrunk to the size of a dunce cap. There's no room for conservatives like me. We used to have moderates and conservatives in the party. Then they ran us all out.

NRO: Who will win the presidential election?
MILLER: Bush is going to win and it will be wider than we think right now. As more and more people turn on this election, George W. Bush is going to look better and better and his opponent is going to look weaker and weaker. Who is it we feel more secure with in the White House? The answer to that is President Bush. I have never been more proud to support a president. I admire his leadership and character. I'm glad to have lived long enough to vote for a person like him.

Zell Miller will hit a homerun tonight at the RNC because he will pull no punches and speak from the heart.

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