Thursday, September 09, 2004

Sharon Bush Denies Kitty Kelly's Slanderous Allegations

Sharon Bush, the ex-wife of the presidents brother, who was supposed to be the main source for Kelly's new tabloid Book, "The Family" about the Bush family, has denied Kitty Kelly's accusations in the book. Kitty Kelly is a master of slanderous allegations that prove to be untrue. She has made such allegations against the Reagan's, Frank Sinatra, the Royal Family and countless others. She has zero credability, which must be why the Today Show plans on airing a three part interview with her next week. They have no credability, she has no credability - it is a perfect match. She may even manage to make Matt Lauer look good, which would be quite a feat.

Kitty Kelly: Liar. Today Show: Enabler.

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