Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Continue To Take Toll

Despite this weeks Republican National Convention, John Kerry's anti-war past continues to make headlines, and he is still hiding from the press. There are several articles today on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and their campaign against Kerry. The first by Benjamin Ginsberg in the Washington Post actually looks the double standard in the coverage of the "connections" of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and the Bush Campaign and the Democrats and thier connections to the 527 groups have have spent over $60 million in ad buys against the President.

Another article by Jim Wooten in the Atlanta Journal Constitution states that Kerry's activities upon returning from his four months in Vietnam are fair game. To that end, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth have released their latest ad, which concentrates on the medals John Kerry is so proud of today. There are probably meny people in this country that are not aware that John Kerry threw his medals and ribbons over the fence of the White House. The ad again uses John Kerry's own words. Very damning. How long will it be before the Swift Boat Veterans launch an ad using Kerry's own words where he describes the atrocities he committed. the tape is out there and the Swift boat vets will not miss the opportunity to use it.

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