Tuesday, September 21, 2004

To Democrats Surrendering = Taking A Stand

John Kerry gave a speech at NYU yesterday on Iraq. In his speech he made the stunning admission that if he had been President he would not have invaded Iraq. At this point it is not worth tracing the many flip-flops he has had on this central issue. He also stated that America is not safer with Saddam Hussein in prison. The rest of his speech was devoted to calling the President a miserable failure. Please read it for yourself. He did layout four bullet points that he called a plan. They are so irrelevant as to not warrant taking the space to repeat the m in this post. The thrust of the speech was that we are not safe, he would not have invaded Iraq, the war has cost too much and the President is a miserable failure who does not have the judgment to be Commander in Chief (doesn't have the judgment? laughable coming from the man who has been unable to take a stand on the war until now, and even now his stand is actually that of Howard Dean). Amazingly however, Kerry's rhetoric of retreat and surrender actually amounts to "taking a stand" to many Democrats. Yes he did say at one point in the speech that he would "destroy" the terrorists, but who can believe a man who's 20 year record in the Senate is one of appeasement, who said in his acceptance speech that he would respond to any attack on America note to Senator Kerry, we have already been attacked and the American people would like for it to not happen again), who has repeatedly said that the War in iraq is not part of the war on terror but a diversion, the war is not worth the cost in dollars or in lives, who now admits he would not have toppled Saddam and who believes that the destruction of that regime has actually made the world less safe?

Senator Kerry has finally in this campaign returned to his pacifistic roots. In the past few days as his poll numbers have fallen he has decided that his best chance to win is to become the rabid antiwar candidate, with just enough tough man talk to appease those Democrats who feel we might actually need to fight the terrorists. John Kerry will withdraw America from the War on Terror. There is little question of that. He has said that if we are attacked again he will respond militarily. the problem is it might be too late for 10,000 - 100,000 Americans at that point. The war on terror will be an enormously long difficult struggle which will require enormous sacrifices. We can either choose to fight it, or we can choose to sit and wait until the next attack on an American city. John Kerry will sit and wait, hoping that summits with the leaders of France and germany will some how ward off future attacks. He will use the funds for the war to fund education and socialized medicine, and to the Democratic Party and their allies in the press that is taking a stand. John Kerry was wrong about Vietnam, he was wrong about the Soviet Union, he was wrong about the US missions to topple communist regimes in Central America, he was wrong about the first Gulf War and he is wrong about this war. Liberals are incapable of fighting evil and that is exactly what we have to do for the foreseeable future. If you believe retreat in the face of adversity and under the threat of terrorist attacks is taking a stand, then by all means vote for John Kerry. If you believe we must fight and fight ot win, that no amount of money is too much to spend in the defense of this country then you cannot vote for the liberal from Massachusetts. If you are incapable of deciding, then do those in the country with the moral clarity to say we will not cower in the face of evil a favor and stay home November 2.

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