Friday, September 10, 2004

Widow of Lt. Col. Jerry Killian Appears on Nightline

The widow of the man who supposedly wrote the forged "memo's" presented to the country as fact by Dan Rather appeared on Nightline. She defended her husband and she defended George W. Bush, whom she said her late husband was proud to meet. She also expressed anger at the questions being posed about his service. Drudge has the transcript.

According to Powerline, Ted Koppel interviewed Chris Lehane, democratic operative who actually stated that the Bush Campaign might have produced the documents. The media is swiftly turning to damage control for the Kerry Campaign.

Let's face the facts. George Bush completed his guard duty and received an honorable discharge. He has signed the 180 form that releases all military records to the public. Case closed. The Democrats who attacked the President based on the memo's owe the President an apology just as much as Dan Rather does.

When all of the dust clears it will be very difficult for anyone to attack the President's National Guard service, the Kerry Campaign will be suspected of playing a role in the fraud, and it will be at least 40 days since Kerry answered questions from a legitimate news person. John Kerry will still be unable to talk about his record and the questions about his Vietnam service are still unanswered and the his form 180 still unsigned.

CBS perpetrated a fraud on the public. Their unholy alliance with the Democratic Party has been exposed like never before. They abused the trust of the public, drug the name of a dead man through the mud and attempted to assassinate the character of a President using obviously phony documents. the Democratic Party which has no scruples seized upon the documents to attack the President. The only person who looks honorable in this whole affair i President Bush.

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