Friday, October 08, 2004

Analysis of the Second Presidential Debate

The debates have been judged on two points, style and substance. In the first debate, John Kerry won on style, Bush on substance. The media who is distorting their coverage of the debates, jumped on Kerry's delivery to proclaim the debate a victory for Kerry. Kerry made several big errors (think "global test", which continued to wear on him through the week. In the Vice Presidential debate Dick Cheney clearly had control through the night. When the debate turned to domestic policies, his energy waned, but so did Edwards. The debate was almost unanimously ruled a Cheney "victory".

In tonight's debate, President Bush took control of the floor and never relenquished it. John Kerry did not do poorly style wise, but he was clearly rattled at points. Several of his answers were simply incoherent. President Bush was very energetic, very warm. He had passion and humor. He was articulate and clear. His answers were substantive and heart-felt. He hammered Kerry's record in the Senate, pointing out several times that John Kerry failed to show up to even vote for the very initiatives he stated he cared about. The President came across as sincere and in control, As the Democrats love to say, he looked "Presidential". John Kerry was reduced to repeating "I have a plan" to almost every question, he has been repeating that mantra since he decided to run for President, yet little more than 20 days before the election he has yet to articulate any plan.

Of course the main stream media will declare a draw. Unless Kerry fell into fetal position and cried on stage they would declare it a "draw". The President did very well, answering even teh loaded, planted, anti-Bush questions well. No matter what the spin is, people who watched the debate will see it as a Bush win. More importantly they saw tonight the President they came to trust and love after September 11th.

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