Saturday, October 16, 2004

BBC: Terrorism Is A Myth

You may not be aware, but it is 1984. Not the 1984 of Ronald Reagan, but the 1984 of George Orwell. The BBC is set to run a three part documentary that claims that terrorism is a myth invented for political purposes. It is incredible, not to mention scary, that there are people who describe themsleves as intellectuals who cannot see the threat posed by terrorists and terrorism. It is much like those who denied the Soviet Union was anything but another legitimate form of government that had no global intentions. Many people who could not see the threat posed by communisam, John Kerry for example, were still claiming that the Soviet Union posed no threat even as it set up puppet dictatorships around the world, including in our own hemisphere.

Thousands of people have died, and tens of thousands of others have been wounded, by terrorists over the past twenty years. From Jerusalem to New York to Russia to Spain, terrorists have struck with deadly force. Their methods and organizations have become more sophisticated and their attacks have become more deadly. The world is threatened by a terrible nexus of events. The rise of terrorism and the availability of weapons of mass destruction make it impossible to ignore the problem as we had done befoer September 11th.

But for many of the elite around the world no such threat exists, except in the minds of politicians wanting to force their will on the world and who are willing to create a fear among the public to do so. An excerpt from the Guardian article about the series:

During the three years in which the "war on terror" has been waged, high-profile challenges to its assumptions have been rare. The sheer number of incidents and warnings connected or attributed to the war has left little room, it seems, for heretical thoughts. In this context, the central theme of The Power of Nightmares is riskily counter-intuitive and provocative. Much of the currently perceived threat from international terrorism, the series argues, "is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services, and the international media." The series' explanation for this is even bolder: "In an age when all the grand ideas have lost credibility, fear of a phantom enemy is all the politicians have left to maintain their power."

Adam Curtis, who wrote and produced the series, acknowledges the difficulty of saying such things now. "If a bomb goes off, the fear I have is that everyone will say, 'You're completely wrong,' even if the incident doesn't touch my argument. This shows the way we have all become trapped, the way even I have become trapped by a fear that is completely irrational."

The ignorance and the narcissim contained in the two paragraghs above is staggering. Which grand ideas have lost their credability? Actually it is posible to name two. Communism and socialism. Both have been tried and have proven to be disasterous failures. The European Union, a conglomeration of countries whose economies are in shambles, is testament to the failure of such grand ideas, which is no doubt devestating to Mr. Curtis. Wise men however, understand the challenge presented by the failure of socialism and communism and the rise of terrorism. The challenge is to spread the grandest ideas, liberty, freedom and democracy throughout the world. One gets a sense however, that Mr. Curtis believes that these ideas have also lost credability.

His statement that he fears that if a bomb goes off people will say that he is wrong, even if the incident doesn't "touch" his argument is so ridiculous it is laughable. The narcissm of the statement should be studied by prefessional psychotherapists around the globe. In one sentence Mr. Curtis was able to project his own self importance above all else and signal that nothing, not even a large scale terrorist attack could prove that terrorism is a threat. Amazing. "Intellectual elites", leftists, conspiracy thorists around the world will welcome this BBC documentary as proof that their theories are coreect. That terrorism is simply another tool used by those who "pull the strings" to garner more power for themselves. Meanwhile in the real world, armies from around the globle will continue to fight to see to it that their theory that we are not threatened by terror becomes reality, no matter how long it takes.

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