Monday, October 18, 2004

Blogger Symposium: Why I will Vote For the President

I will vote for George W. Bush for reelection because of his steadfast leadership in the war on terror and his clear moral leadership at home.

In the face of opposition from many of the same forces that opposed President Reagan’s stance against the Soviet Union, and against a torrent of irrational hatred from so many, the President has stood strong and led the country in the liberation 50 million people, spreading liberty where it has never existed.

He has defied those who wish to take the United states back to the September 10th mindset that allowed attack after attack on the United States to go unanswered on the pretense that terrorism was but a “nuisance”. His administration has reorganized the government to better protect Americans at home, begun the process or restructuring the military to meet new threats and new challenges. Since he took office the President has been the model of steady leadership based on the principle that the United States is indeed a shining city on a hill.

By contrast John Kerry has a thirty five year record of opposing the United States at every turn. He opposed the Vietnam War, he opposed Reagan’s opposition to the Soviet Union, he opposed Reagan’s opposition of communist puppet states in our own hemisphere, he opposed first gulf war, he proposed massive cuts in the intelligence community after the first world trade center bombing and he now opposes the war in Iraq. Senator Kerry does not believe we should lead the war on terror, he believes we should simply be a member in a coalition led by the United Nations and who’s decisions may or may not be made with the best interests of this country in mind.

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