Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Bush Wins Debate Easily

The talking heads are all giving this debate to the President, and they should, he won the debate hands down. Iscore the sequesnce of debates 3.5 - 5. Bush/Cheney over Kerry/Edwards. Kerry won the "style" section of the first debate, to be expected of a man who has spent his entire life debating (and got a manicure before the first debate). Despite the President's lack of style in the first debate, the fundamentals cannot be denied. John Kerry lost all three presidential debates on substance. He is a far left politician that has voted and spoken for far left issues his entire life. To the extent that Kerry answered a question or proposed policy, his solution was always more government, be it world government or American government. He said nothing that would reassure voters that are concerned about his ability to lead the war on terror, he proposed huge government solutions and ducked questions about paying for them.

The Democrats will spin this as a Kerry victory, and to the extent it is possible so will the main stream media.

The President's proposals reflect main stream American values. He proposed common sense solutions to problems and acknowledged the the work that still needs to be done on the economy. A strong performance that will help in the polls.

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