Friday, October 29, 2004

CBS News: A Laughing Stock

Honestly. If anyone still believes that CBS News is anything other than a ridiculous, embarrassing shell of a news agency, they probably only watch CBS News. This story and it's headline, "
A Rough Week For President Bush" is one of the most ridiculous stories of the election cycle, and it is a story, not an article. CBS attempts to spin the events of the past week as damaging to President Bush. From the 386 tons of missing munitions to the Osama Bin Laden tape, the network that brought us the fraudulent National Guard documents now expects us to believe that John Kerry's denigration of the 3rd ID and the 101zt Airborne over a story that was proven to be unreliable immediately and completely untrue after one day somehow hurts the president. they also try to spin the Osama Bin Laden video released today as negative for the president.

Only in the fantasy land inhabited by "reporters" of CBS News can either of these stories be a negative for the President. Considering that CBS News only reports now to people who are prone to believe everything they say, it is not surprising that they would be confident that anytone still listening to them would believe their story.

CBS has become like the National Enquirer, serving only those willing to believe the most fantastic lies, or searching for cheap entertainment.

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