Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Debate Post

One half hour into the debate, it is my humble opinion that Dick Cheney has manhandled John Edwards. John Edwards and John Kerry seem to have little left except to demean the progress we have made in Iraq and Afghanistan. Edwards also continues to demean the allies. Probably not a good idea.

End of foreign policy section of debate. Cheney was clearly in charge. By the way, if the President's facial expressions were an issue then Edwards facial expressions should be an issue in this debate.

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Domestic Policy

The Vice-President started slow but has gotten on track. The Gay marriage question is a tough one for the Vice President, given the situation, but he handles it well and gave a straight forward states rights answer.

I am not sure why Cheney did not attack Edwards on the trail attorney issue. Edwards looks uncomfortable talking about the effect of trial attorney's on the health care system.

More on health care, seems like a lot of facts, the debate is probably losing audience share now.

AIDS among African American women

It is a terrible question, except that sheds light on the fact that domestic policy issues such as this seem ridiculous relative to threats around the world. That is why John Kerry and John Edwards will not win this election. the American people are listening to two candidates talk about aids, and although it may important, it seems silly to talk about it at this point.

It is very telling that John Edwards keeps refering to Kerry's performance Thursday night. It highlights the fact that it was a "performance". Why can't Edwards refer to Kerry's record? It is as if Senator Kerry only entered public office a week ago.

Also keeps refering to John McCain. John McCain should defend his name tomorrow, but he won't.

The last part of the domestic policy portion of the debate is unmemorable. Politically few points were scored by either side. The closing statements were a contrast. Edwards focused on his story, Cheney focused on national security. That says a lot in and of itself.

This debate will serve to do one thing, put the focus of the elction on the security of this country. The conversation about the domestic issues, while important, seemed silly against the backdrop of the war on terror. The domestic policy portion of the debate had few memorable lines.

John Edwards was manhandled by Cheney int he foreign policy section of the debate. Clearly Cheney's experience in this area was impossible for Edwards to overcome. Ridiculing our allies in Iraq, the sacrifice of Iraqi forces fighting for their own country and scoffing at the steady progress that has been made in both Afghanistan and Iraq will not sway any voters. The Vice President's command of the issues and his setermined demeaner will. In a time when this country faces the threat of a serious terrorist attack, Americans can take comfort in the fact that a man with Cheney's experience is in the administration.

Overall Cheney won the debate, although there were no huge gaffes on either side. Cheney's experience, demeaner, proven leadership ability and acknowledgement of the seriousness of the war on terror is what viewers will take from this debate.

Although Cheney won the debate with hard hitting blows to Kerry's record, Edwards did well enough to put himself in good position four years from now. But the debate just added to the weight around the neck of John Kerry. Cheney exposed Kerry's 30 year record of appeasement, hit again at the "global test" comment from Thursday night. Edwards did well for himself, but he may have doomed the Kerry/Edwards ticket. The American people want to have confidence that the men they elect will be able to protect the country. The choice was clarified tonight. Domestic issues are a distant second to the war on terror and the Kerry/Edwards ticket does not have the experience or the record to instill confidence in the American people.