Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Democrats Already Filing Lawsuits In Florida

The Washington Times has reported that the Democrats have already filed 9 lawsuits in Florida, claiming election officials are conspiring to disenfranchise minority voters:

Led by the Florida Democratic Party, the People for the American Way, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and the AFL-CIO, the lawsuits target, among others, Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood, who was appointed by Republican Gov. Jeb Bush, President Bush's brother.

The suits say Republican officials refused to count provisional ballots, improperly disqualified incomplete voter registrations, established overly restrictive rules to disproportionately hurt minority voters and actively sought to disenfranchise blacks.

Matt Miller, a spokesman for the Kerry campaign, said Republicans are "trying to scare people away from the polls."

But Mrs. Hood's spokesman, Alia Faraj, described the lawsuits as politically motivated, saying they were eroding public confidence in the election process by challenging "every single law we are following."

One suit challenges a ruling by Mrs. Hood to throw out forms on which new voters had failed to check a box indicating whether they were U.S. citizens, and another argued that although only 17 percent of the voters in Broward County and 20 percent in Miami-Dade County were black, more than a third of the voter-registration forms that were determined to be incomplete and invalid in both counties involved black voters.

The Democrats are a menace to the Democratic process. They are challenging every law on the books in an attempt to steal the election. They have set up a system by which they can challenge thousands of provisional ballots, ballots cast by people who are not on voters rolls, but who are allowed to vote anyway. AL Gore opened this pandora’s box last election, and this is what it has wrought. Will there ever now be an election that does not involve thousands of lawyers? Will there eve be an election decided on election day? The Democrats have proven they are willing to undermine the Democratic process of the world’s oldest Democracy in order to retake power. The lawsuits do right along with the Kerry plan to declare victory on election night no matter the outcome of the vote and then to fight the election in the courts. The Democrats are committing a massive amount of voter fraud across the country and using sympathetic judges to make rulings in their favor. The American people should reject these tactics out of hand. They should hand the Democrats a devastating loss, so large that they are unable to take it to court. Maybe then the tide of lawsuits and lawyers will be turned away and the threat posed to our democracy will recede.

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