Thursday, October 07, 2004

Democrats Increasingly Turn To Campaign Violence

The Democratic Party has turned increasingly to violent tactic as the Presidential Campaign has approached election day. Shots have been fired into the Bush/Cheney in West Virginia and Knoxville, TN. In the last few days, groups of thugs/Kerry supporters have stormed campaign offices in Orlando, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, injuring Bush/Cheney volunteers in at least one case. Democrats have stolen yard signs and painted swastikas on the lawns of Bush/Cheney supporters in Wisconsin. In Vail, Colorado, cars with Bush/Cheney bumperstickers have been vandalized and Bush/Cheney signs have been cut to pieces with chainsaws.

Despite the violence, which has resulted in the injury of several people and has included the firing of bullets into capaign headquarters, the Kerry Campaign has refused to condemn the actions. The Democrats have taken yet another step towards out of the mainstream and towards the radical wioth these actions. It is a desperate attempt to intimidate voters and cmpaign workers.

The violence can be traced to the Democratic party's irresponsible embrace of the most vile conspiracy theories. The Democratic Party has repeatedly asserted that the President is a liar, that he knew about 9/11 before it happened, that he is sacrificing the lives of Americans for profit, that he is in cahoots with the Saudi's, that he intends on stripping overtime pay from union workers, that he is working to supress black votes, etc. What was once only acceptable in the world of lunatics like Michael Moore has now become part of Democratic stump speeches and debates. John Kerry joked about taking a gun to the debate. Plays and books about assassinating the President have been written and lavished with praise. Leading Democrats and Kerry supporters have repeatedly refered to the President as a Nazi. Ted Kennedy stated on the floor of the Senate that the Iraq War was hatched in Texas for political gain. Kerry and Edwards refer unceasingly to Halliburton in order to push the Michael Moore conspiracy that Dick Cheney is a war profiteer. The Democrats have asserted that the Prtesident has trampled on the Constitution and rights with the Pariot Act.

Is it any surprise that a percentage of Kerry supporters are actually acting out on teh implied message of the Democratic Party and its candidates? Kerry has yet to condemn any of the violence and he won't.

The Democratic Party is a disgraceful Party. they have no serious plan to win the war on terror, their Domestic plans are the same rehashed tax and spend plans they have relied on for decades. Because they have no plan to lead the country, they have nurtured and developed among their supporters a pathological hatred for the President. If you are a John Kerry supporter you should be embarrassed and you should demand that your candidate condemn the violence and demand that it stop.


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