Sunday, October 03, 2004

Did John Kerry Cheat?

Did John Kerry have a cheat sheet for the first Presidential debate? The "Memorandum of Understanding" negotiated and agreed to by both campaigns states:

"No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or other tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate.... Each candidate must submit to the staff of the Commission prior to the debate all such paper and any pens or pencils with which a candidate may wish to take notes during the debate, and the staff or commission will place such paper, pens and pencils on the podium..."

The video of the debate clearly shows John Kerry removed something from his jacket pocket when he had his back to the auditorium audience, unfolded it and placed it on his podium. to see the viseo evidence go here and here and here.

It is obvious from the video that Kerry retrieved, unfolded and placed something on the lecturn. It will not be possible to prove what it was, but the photographic evidence is enough to prove that Kerry broke the rules agreed to before the debate. Most likely Kerry had written down "facts" to remember, but another possiblity is that Kerry had a list of the questions before the debate. Sorry, but there is no reason to believe the mainstream media at this point and no reason to believe that Jim Leher would not have tipped the Kerry Campaign to the questions before hand. We will likely never know, and the Bush Campaign should not jump into the fray, but the story is making waves across the internet. Drudge is now running the story as his headline, which means millions of people will be made aware that regardless of what he pulled from his pocket, Kerry broke the rules agreed to by his campaign.

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