Wednesday, October 20, 2004

DNC: Kerry Will Win, With or Without the Votes

The number of voter registration fraud cases that have already been exposed this election are too numerable to list. From the handing out of crack cocaine for registration forms to the tens of thousands of fraudulaent registrations in states like Colorado, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of these cases have something in common, in every case the individuals or groups responsible for the fraud support John Kerry. To my knowledge there has not been a single documented case of Republican voter fraud. The fraud is one part of a multi-pronged Democratic strategy to win the election no matter what the vote count is at the end of the day. Jim Geraghty at KerrySpot has pointed to a Fox News interview with Eric Holder, a former Clinton Administration official, now on the Democratic election task force, during which Mr. Holder makes a remarkable statement:

Eric Holder, a former Clinton Justice Department official who is now on the Democratic party's "Election Task Force," made a remarkable statement in a recent appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Discussing a Democratic National Committee memo calling for local party members to complain "preemptively" about voter intimidation, Holder said, "If every vote is allowed to be cast, and if every vote is counted, John Kerry will be president within a day of that election."

After his comment spurred some laughter, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said, "Well, I don't know how you can guarantee that." But Holder just responded, "You heard it right here. If every vote is allowed to be cast and every vote is counted, John Kerry will be president."

This smash-mouth mentality — if Kerry loses, that fact alone is prima-facie evidence that Bush stole the election — is what the Kerry campaign and affiliated Democrats bring to the seemingly inevitable post-election-day fight. The Kerry campaign is pounding its chest, boasting that any Republican advantage in the actual votes cast is nothing compared to the Democrats' ability to find sympathetic judges and the rulings they seek.

The DNC claims it will deploy 10,000 lawyers to battleground states to watch for irregularities. They brag about five legal "SWAT teams" ready to fly to any quintet of states where recounts are warranted.

There is only one way to foil the Democratic Party's plan to steal the election in the courts, and that is: If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat.

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