Saturday, October 23, 2004

Even More Democrat Campaign Violence

It never ends. the Democrats are a party that has gone off the rails. They deserve to lose this election, and they deserve to lose it badly. At this point the only thing that will save the modern Democratic Party is if they are thoroughly trounced, forcing them to re-evaluate everything the party stands for. Yet another Bush/Cheney headquarters has been broken into, this time in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Beyond this criminal activity, Powerline has a post on the Democrats organized effort to intimidate early voters by organizinf union goons to harass voters. Their post has a cartoon drawn by one of their readers that summarizes the Democrats tactics nicely.

The fact of the matter is the Democrats are willing to thwart the democratic process to get their man elected. They are resorting to violence in an attempt to sway the election. Powerline believes that the tactics of the Democratic Party this election threatens the future of our Democracy. It is hard to argue that it doesn't.

Powerline has another post on campaign violence here.

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