Friday, October 15, 2004

Facing Our Own Madrid - In Iraq

Lt. Col. Powl Smith, of the US Army, has an article in the Weekly Standard that all Americans should read and understand. He is in Baghdad, with the Iraqi National Troops. He writes that the stepped up violence in Iraq is not indiscriminate, nor is it evidence that the enemy is winning. It is a deliberate attempt to break the American public's will to succeed by feeding our media, who constantly craves bad news to exploit, a steady stream of blood and gore. The enemy knows they cannot defeat the United States militarily, but that they can win if they manage to convice us that the war in Iraq is not worth the trouble. They know American history. They know the stories of Somalia and Vietnam, where the enemy broke the will of the American people and our soldiers left. It is unlikely that the irony that the man who lead the will breaking efforts in the United States during the Vietnam War is now running for President on a plan to cut and run from Iraq. The terrorists are dangerously close to achieving their goal, their primary objective, which is the removal of George W. Bush from office. They believe that they can convice the American people to do the work for them. Even if John Kerry does not begin to withdraw troops within six months as he has stated he will do, the terrorists will consider the defeat of George W. Bush a major victory in the war.

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