Thursday, October 07, 2004

House Republicans Crush Draft Lie

For weeks the Democratic Party has been engaged in a disgusting lie. John Kerry, teresa Heinz Kerry, John Edwards and other leading Democrats have helped perpetuate the lie that George Bush intends on reinstating the draft in his second term. The statements by Kerry and others was followed by an intense internet campaign and college campus campaign to sporead the draft lie to young people on an attempt to scare the (and their parents) into voting for Kerry. The mainstream media did their bit to perpetuate the lie when CBS ran a dishonest story about the fear in the public of a draft. They interviewed a woman named Beverly Cocco who claimed to be a Republican and just an everyday mom of two teenage sons. After the story ran, she was discovered to be the chapter President of a group that opposes the war in Iraq and works actively against a draft.

The House Republicans called the Democrats on their lie yesterday when they rushed to vote a bill drafted by two Democrats calling for the reinstatement of the draft. Please note, the only bill drafted to reinstate the draft was written by two Democrats. The bill came to a vote yesterday and was voted down 402-2. The only two Congressmen to vote for the bill were Democrats. Charles Wrangle, Democrat from New York who authored the bill, voted against it.

The Democrats have been willing to say anything and engage in the most vile behavior this election with the sole purpose of getting votes. Of all of the lies they have told, the draft lie may be the most disgusting. They have used the war on terror and the draft as a scare tactic. It is fear mongering of the worst sort.

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