Sunday, October 24, 2004

If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat

That is the name of the book written by Hugh Hewitt, radio host and blogger extrodinaire, published several months ago as a handbook to this election and to future elections. It seems that Mr. Hewitt was prophetic with his book, as there is the potential be more cheating in this election than in any election in our history. The stories are everywhere, eminationg from all of the battleground states. Story after story of city after city have more registered voters then they have citizens eligible to vote. Leftist gorups have been out in fulkl force this year in an attemopt to register new voters who will, they believe, vote the President out of office. To accomplich their goal of millions of new voters, many of these groups paid teenagers and young people several dollars per registration. This has of course, resulted in tens of thousands, if not more, fake voter registrations. Many people are registered to vote multiple times, as many as forty times. Tens of thousands of registrations have been challenged leagally as they have been mailed to the registrant only to be returned as undeliverable because the person is not real, the address is fake etc...

The Democrats are engaging in a strategy to flood the election with thousands of fake voter registration forms that the Republicans will challenge. If Bush wins, the Democrats will then claim that the Republicans engaged in voter intimidation or disenfranchisement, that not all votes were counted, that Kerry actually won and that George Bush has once again cheated the system. They have encouraged the submission of perhaps millions of fake voter forms in order to use them in later legal and public perception battles.

How many fraudulent votes will the fake registrations translate into? It is difficult to say. newt Gingrich has said that he believes the Democrats ccould steal as many as one million votes inthis election. It is concieveable however, that the amount of actual voter frad will not be much greater this election than it is in any other election on the part of the Democrats. I have seen the people employed by voter registration drives to collect new voters. They are usually teenagers and college students to whom the temptation to fill out fake form after fake form for money may be too great to resist. If so, then the people who will take the brunt of the fraud are the organizations who have paid for each registrant. Those oprganizations have to then figure out a way to turn a fake registration into a fake vote. It can and will be done, but probably at a much smaller scale than is indicated by the number of fraudualent registrations.

Nevertheless, the Democrats have set forth a strategy to steal the election. The Kerry Campaign has already announced that they plan to declare victory on election night no matter the outcome of the vote count. This is just part of their greater plan to cheat the electorate. The only way the catastrophy of another election decided in the courts can be avoided is if the President is re-elected by a martgin that makes a court challenge laughable. although the polls suggest the race is tight, a big win for the President is still possible. Republicans have registered over three million real voters. Unlike many registered by the leftists group these people actually exist and are likely to show up to vote. We have to work hard to ensure they do, because If Its Not Close They Can't Cheat.

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