Friday, October 15, 2004

Investigators Uncover Saddam's Support of Terror

The Scotsman, a newspaper that has been far out in front of most American papers in its reporting on the Iraq war, has another huge scoop. Investigators, crawling ever so slowly through millions of pages of Saddams files have uncovered the fact that several terrorist groups were direct beneficiaries of the oil for food scandal operated by the United Nations:

SADDAM Hussein’s links to terrorism have been proven by documents showing he helped to fund the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The PFLP, whose history of terrorism dates back to the "black September" hijackings of 1970, was personally vetted by Saddam to receive oil vouchers worth £40 million.

The deal has been uncovered by US investigators, trawling millions of pages of documents showing a network of diplomats bribed by Saddam’s regimes, and political parties who qualified for backhanded payments from Baghdad.

The Iraq Survey Group (ISG), which is still working its way through 20,000 boxes of documents from Saddam’s Baath party discovered only recently, found a list of pressure groups bankrolled by Saddam.

Using the United Nations’ own oil-for-food scheme - ironically intended as a sanction to control the behaviour of his dictatorship - Saddam gave Awad Ammora & Partners, a Syrian company, two million barrels of oil.

Documents handed over to US authorities by a former Iraqi oil minister only four months ago show that this was a front for the PFLP - which was then embarked on a spate of car bombings aimed at Israeli officials.

The Iraqi records show only one six-month period - suggesting the payments could go on for much longer. While some allocations to the likes of Russian political parties were not cashed in, the PFLP oil deal was carried out in full.

Since its inception after the Six-Day War of 1967, the PFLP has been dedicated to violence - and for this reason split from the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) when it accepted the peace process.

Its first atrocity came in September 1970 when its members hijacked four aircraft bound for the United States. All planes were blown up on the ground after the passengers were evacuated. A hijacking at Lod airport in Israel two years later left 24 dead.

It is now devoted to thwarting the "roadmap" plan for peace in the Middle East - recently mainly through a campaign of car bombs.

While the PLO has been rehabilitated into the political process, the PFLP has remained opposed to it. On Wednesday, it issued a statement saying it had joined forces with Hamas, the main Palestinian terrorist group, in a machine gun attack on a busload of Israeli soldiers.

Please note that the terror group that was funded by Saddam Hussein, the PFLP, recently issued a statement that it had joined forces with Hamas. Interesting right? But no link to threats on America (other than the constant barrage of attacks against one of America's most important allies, Israel). Wrong. Hamas has declared the United States an enemy. Read it here. It is important to note that Hamas did not declare the US an enemy because we invaded Iraq, (directed to all those in the Democratic Party that believe we "created" terrorists with the invasion) but because we vetoed a UN resolution that would have condemned the Iraeli Defense Forces for launching attacks against them (Hamas) in the Gaza Strip.

What does this prove? It proves that the war on terror is not the nice neat little package of fighting in Afghanistan that John Kerry wants you to believe it is. The war on terror is a global war, a war which we arecurrently prosecuting to devastating effect. The deposing of the Hussein regime dried up funding for multiple terror groups, groups that consider the United States an enemy or are allied with groups who consider the US an enemy. Terrorists and terror groups work together to achieve common goals. Saddam Hussein, through a corrupt UN program, was financing their operations.

If John Kerry is elected and he pulls our troops out of Iraq and the numerous other countries in which we are fighting, the results will be catastrophic. To say that the war on terror is fought in the mountains of Afghanistan and that all other battkes are a "grand diversion" is to admit to not understanding the fundamentals of the war or the enmy we face.

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