Saturday, October 16, 2004

Iran Rejects Any Deal To End Uranium Enrichment

The Iranian government has stated that it will not accept any deal, no matter the term, that requires it to halt its uranium enrichment. The enriched uranium will of course be used to produce nuclear weapons.

In response, our allies in the EU have promised to try harder:

The French Foreign Ministry in Paris, asked about Mousavian's remarks, said France would still push for Iran to give up its enrichment program.

"Time is short. France and its partners will continue to work with the Iranian authorities ... with, as their goal, securing the complete suspension by Iran of its enrichment and reprocessing activities," a spokesman said.

Thanks a lot, I am sure if you beg them they will agree not to produce a nuclear weapon. Just a friendly reminder, John Kerry has proposed that we sell Iran nuclear fuell and rely on a Hans Blixian character to ensure the civilized world that Iran is not producing WMD. President Bush has flatly stated that he will not allow Iran to posess a nuclear weapon, and that all options, including military options, are on the table.

Iran's announcement comes on the heels of their earlier announcement that they have completed construction of the Bushehr nuclear facility, almost three years ahead of the schedule they had previously announced. If Iran does not currently have a neuclear weapon thay are dangerously close. The one ingredient they need more of is time, which even the French now agree is running short.

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