Friday, October 29, 2004

Joe Biden Asked To Be Kerry's Sec. of State

That's right, America. If you elect John Kerry to be President of the United States, slow Joe Biden, who's own Presidential hopes were shattered when it was revealed that he had plagiarised his stump speeches, will be the Sec. of State. No more Colin Powell, no more Condi Rice, no more Rumsfeld, or Cheney, the brilliant men and women who have so far conducted a successful war on terror and have kept the country safe from further attack. No, under a Kerry administration you will get warmed over members of the former Clinton administration and half wit senators who could not even write their own stump speeches. You will get back the same people who for eight years treated terrorism as a "law enforcement" issue as we were attacked time after time after time. The people who were in charge while Al-Queda grew to the force it was on September 11th. The same people who clinked champagne glasses with Kim Jong Il in North Korea while he was arming himself with nuclear weapons. Jimmy Carter will once again be major player (remember he helped broker the 1994 deal with North Korea) in an administration. But beyond getting the actual people from the Clinton administration, you will get back the attitude that the United States is best suited to be just another member of the UN, not the leader of the free world. That our interests must be set aside at times for the interests of the United Nations or some of the countries that make up the United Nations like France, Syria, China, Russia.

So that is your choice. The men and women who have four years prosecuted one of the most complicated, yet successful wars in history or the people who felt it was a law enforcement issue and failed to respond to repeated attacks. Chooose wisely, the future of the country depends on your choice.

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