Wednesday, October 20, 2004

John Edwards: President Bush Created Terror Haven in Iraq

The Associated Press has filed a report about a campaign stop in New Hampshire during which John Edwards claimed that the President has created a haven for terrorists in Iraq:

"He's created something that didn't exist before the war in Iraq — he's created a haven for terrorists," Edwards said.

The stupidity of the statement is staggering. Edwards apparently believes that the American people are unaware of the fact that there were terrorist training capms in Iraq befoer the invasion, that Zarqawi was in Iraq before the invasion, that Saddam had provided refuge for innumerable terrorists before the invasion, that he had links to al-Queda before the invasion, or that he paid the families of suicide bombers $25,000 for their death.

Actually, it has become apparent that to support the Kerry/Edwards ticket you have to not know or understand anything more than the mainstream press is willing to tell you. It is likely that most people in the crowd in New Hampshire did not know the truth about Iraq, after all Katie Couric didn't tell them and Michael Moore said Iraq was a happy place before the war.

the other important point about the AP report is that the writer does all she can to repeat the Democratic talking points faithfully. The AP has proven itslef to be a hack organization on par with CBS, NBC, and ABC.

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