Friday, October 15, 2004

Kerry Accepting Money From Iranian Regime?

Kenneth Timmerman, author of The French Betrayal of America, has an article in this mornings Wshington Post in which he identifies a link between the Kerry Campaign and the Mullocracy in Iran. Kerry and Edwards had both been warned about accepting campaign donations from particular donors with close ties to the regime, but ignored that warning and proposed selling nuclear fuel to Iran as a test to see if they have "peaceful intentions".

According to Timmerman, not even the IAEA is willing to say that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. The one thing needed by Iran to develop a weapon is time, time which John Kerry's plan to sell them nuclear fuel and rely on UN ispectors to monitor their actions buys them.

John Kerry's plan is not only incredibly naive, it is incredibly dangerous. To rely on the IAEA or the UN to ensure our safety against a regime that is bent on the production of a nuclear weapon and is the leading sponsor of terror in the world in insanity, but that is what he has proposed we do.

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