Thursday, October 28, 2004

Kerry Campaign Continues With Al-QaQaa Story

Despite the fact that the field commander of the first troops to arrive at the Al-Qaqaa facility has stated that the conditions on the ground would not have allowed for the theft of 377 tons of munitions form the Al-Qaqaa facility, the Kerry Campaign has latched on to a video supposedly shot at the facility. ABC produced an unidentified expert that says he believes the barrels shown in the video contained the explosives in question. The most amazing thing about the report, filed by Martha Raddatz is the concluding paragraph:

It remains unclear how much HMX was at the facility, but what does seem clear is that the U.S. military opened the bunkers at Al-Qaqaa and left them unguarded. Since then, the material has disappeared.

Media bias? No. No way, never.

Why are we still talking about this? So far we have established that there may or may not have been explosives at Al-Qaqaa at the time of the invasion. There may have been anywhere from 3 to 380 tons. The bunkers may or may not have been sealed, and the seals may or not have been effective if they were there. If there were 380 tons it would have taken 80 large trucks traveling through roads choked with US military and monitored by aerial drones. If it were three tons, which could be put in one truck, that truck would have to have arrived, loaded and departed through US troops without being noticed. Let's for fun assume that the military left three tons (380 tons is a ridiculous assertion) of explosives unguarded and that that the non-existant (at that time) insurgency managed to get in and get out without being noticed by the US military or aerial drones, and they managed to get away with the material. Three tons out of approximately 800,000 tons of material is number so small as to be insignificant.

Bu this is what John Kerry and the main stream media have chosen as the issue for the last week of the campaign. It is pathetic, but such is the state of the main stream media and the modern Democratic Party.

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