Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Kerry The Deer Hunter?

From Powerline. John Kerry claims that he once killed an eight point buck while hunting at Cape Cod. He goes on to explain that he once had an encounter with a 16 point buck, but failed to pull the trigger at the right time. A little internet research turned up this story about a man named "Whitey" Sovinski who killed a 12 point buck in the fall of 2002. The buck is the largest buck ever taken in Massachusetts. Had Kerry been able to pull the trigger he would have been in the state record books and possibly the national record book.

The fact is the 16 point buck is as mythical as John Kerry’s running of the Boston Marathon. It is doubtful that Kerry ever killed an eight point, buck, it is obvious he never ran the Boston marathon, and he is as likely to see a unicorn as he is to see a 16 point buck on Cape Cod, unless of course he pulled it out of his magical hat.

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