Friday, October 01, 2004

Kerry Does Not Understand The Fundamentals Of The War

In last night’s debate John Kerry said that the President made a “colossal” mistake by taking his “eye off the ball” and not pursuing Osama Bin Laden. To John Kerry the entirety of the war on terror is Bin Laden, who may by the way, be dead. Interestingly, the terrorists do not see it that way. They believe that war is a wider war that includes Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya. This comes directly from an Osama Bin Laden deputy who recently issued a statement via videotape:

"The youth must not wait for anyone and must begin resisting from now and learn a lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan and Chechnya."

It is not possible for Bin Laden to be in Iraq, Chechnya and Afghanistan at the same time. Nor was he in Bali or Jakarta. The war on terror is wider than Bin Laden. The terrorists understand the stakes. John Kerry believes that the money that has been spent in Iraq should have gone towards education. He believes that the extent of the war is Bin Laden and Afghanistan. He seems to have a different understanding of the stakes and the reach of the war than the terrorists who are fighting all over the world. George Bush declared that the war is global in the debate. He said Iraq is the central front, but that we are fighting in the Philippines, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries and that we have the capability to do so. He has the same understanding of the war as the terrorists. He believes, as does our enemy that this is a global war.

John Kerry’s inability to understand the scope of the war or the nature of the terrorists is a dangerous mix for a nation in a global war.

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