Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry/Edwards to Broadcast New York TImes Lie As Ad

Many bloggers and political pundits often write about statements or actions of the Kerry Campaign that indicate panic or desperation. To this point I have tried to steer away from making such claims because it is very difficult to guess what drives the actions of a particular campaign at any given point in an election. However, if the story Drudge has posted is true, the Kerry Campaign is either desperate, despicable or (probably) both.

According to Drudge the Kerry/Edwards Campaign is in the process of producing a TV commercial based of the discredited New York Times article released yesterday regarding some 380 tons of munitions that went missing in Iraq. The New York Times story was discredited last night when NBC News ran a segment stating that its reporters were with the military the day after the liberation of Iraq and the weapons were ALREADY gone. They were not stolen due to some failure on the part of the President as the New York Times and the Kerry/Edwards Campaign alleges. The weapons were gone before we ever got there.

But the facts do not matter to a media that is attempting to influence an election or a Democratic ticket willing to say anything, no matter how untrue, to win.

Clifford May has reported that he has been told that the New York Times story was based on a fraudulent letter leaked to them by Mohammed El Baradei, head of the IAEA:

“The Iraqi explosives story is a fraud. These weapons were not there when US troops went to this site in 2003. The IAEA and its head, the anti-American Mohammed El Baradei, leaked a false letter on this issue to the media to embarrass the Bush administration. The US is trying to deny El Baradei a second term and we have been on his case for missing the Libyan nuclear weapons program and for weakness on the Iranian nuclear weapons program.”

We now have evidence that the IAEA conspired with the New York Times who conspired with the Kerry Campaign to develop an October surprise to damage the President. Drudge has also reported that 60 Minutes was planning to run a huge expose on the missing weapons story, next Sunday, less than 24 hours before the election. That would have followed a media pattern of dropping campaign bombs just before the election. In 1992 it was the Iran-Contra charges brought just before the election, in 2000 it was the DUI charges made public just before the election, and yes, as Drudge is reporting, 2004 was to be the year of the missing munitions.

I have contended for more than a year that the campaign would be fought between the President and the main stream media. John Kerry is w weak candidate who would be lucky to garner 30% of the vote on his own. The main stream media knows he is a weak candidate, so they have launched a full scale attack against the President. Republicans should brace themselves for more potential bombs this week. The media is looking for something. Now that the missing munitions story is falling flat they will find something else. They are also likely to drop a bomb, even if it is untrue, the day before the election. That would allow the headlines to splash across front pages before voting, but not allow enough time for the story to be debunked.

One can only hope that after the DUI story last election the Bush Campaign has prepared itself for the onslaught this week. Maybe they learned enough in 2000 to have an ace up their sleeve. Who knows what that could be, and it is quite frankly unlikely that they are planning a surprise, Republicans generally do not engage in that type of manipulation.

The media ad the international community is already attempting to use Kerry’s theory of a global test to influence the election. They want Bush to lose and they are willing to go to great lengths to see him defeated. We have to hope that the American people are smart enough to see through the lies and distortions. I still believe that it will be a miracle if Bush wins. The forces aligned against him are overwhelming. It is as they say, in God’s hands now.

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