Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry's Fanciful UN Meeting

The Washington Times has a follow up to Joel Mowbray's story yesterday that proved that John Kerry's repeated assertion that he had met with the entire UN Security Council was a lie. The op-ed in today's Times more or less recaps Mowbray's story and adds this paragraph:

In all likelihood the reality is that Mr. Kerry chose to trump up the importance of piecemeal meetings with a few delegates as part of his effort to cast the president as disdainful of allies and hasteful as commander in chief. Mr. Kerry had wanted to make himself appear the better on both accounts. It helps, of course, if the acts of diplomatic finesse one ascribes to one's self actually took place. Just as it helps to have a truthful record when trying to cast an opponent as a deceiver. Clearly, Mr. Kerry has some explaining to do.

Yes it helps if what the person says is true, but if you are a Democrat it is not necessary. Nor will it be necessary for John Kerry to explain his lie. No one in the main stream media will hold his feet to the fire. He lied straight faced to the American people in a televised debate on the over riding issue of the campaign, but he will get a pass because as Dennis Prager has often said, "Being Left means never having to say your sorry".

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