Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Liberal Trap

Although anything Dick Morris says should be taken with a grain of salt, he has an interesting column this morning in which he says the President set a trap for John Kerry in the debates. The trap, says Morris, was to continue to paint Kerry as a flip flopper through the debates, allowing him to promise his 352 big government plans, and then hit him with the "label" that will stick: liberal. The last debate did seem to mark a new phase in the President's strategy. He immediately switched to a new, sharper stump speech that concentrates its fire power on John Kerry's record in the Senate and his weakness on national defense. The new speech also hits Kerry where it hurts, in his promises of trillions in new spending.

The President gave this new speech to s fired up crowd in New Jersey. An excerpt:

We sent a message to Libya, which has now given up weapons of mass destruction programs and handed nuclear materials and equipment over to the United States. (Applause.) We have acted, through diplomacy and force, to shrink the area where the terrorists can operate freely, and that strategy has the terrorists on the run. (Applause.)

My opponent has a fundamental misunderstanding on the war on terror. A reporter recently asked Senator Kerry how September the 11th changed him. He replied, "It didn't change me much at all."

His unchanged world view is obvious from the policies he still advocates. He has said this war is "primarily an intelligence and law enforcement operation." He has declared, we should not respond to threats until they are -- quote -- "imminent." He has complained that my administration -- quote -- "relies unwisely on the threat of military preemption against terrorist organizations." Let me repeat that. He says that preemptive action is "unwise," not only against regimes, but even against terrorist organizations.

Senator Kerry's approach would permit a response only after America is hit.

This kind of September the 10th attitude is no way to protect our country. (Applause.) The war on terror is a real war, with deadly enemies, not simply a police operation. In an era of weapons of mass destruction, waiting for threats to arrive at our doorsteps is to invite disaster. Tyrants and terrorists will not give us polite notice before they attack our country. As long as I'm the Commander-in-Chief, I will confront dangers abroad so we do not have to face them here at home. (Applause.)

That is but a snippet of a great speech, print and pass it out o any undecideds you know. Dick Morris points to polls that have shown the President surgingas proof that the liberal trap has worked. Maybe it has. Either way it is hard to believe that Americans would elect a man who is running on raising taxes, huge government spending, and a return to the thinking that allowed al-Qaeda to become the threat it proved itself to be on September 11th. John Kerry is a big government, weak on national defense liberal. Exactly the wrong man, at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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