Monday, October 04, 2004

Maybe Hugh Hewitt Is Right

Since he live-blogged the debate, Hugh Hewitt has been one of the few people in the media to say and stand by his assertion that John Kerry doomed his candidacy with his debate performance. Practically all of the main stream media was giddy with glee the day after the campaign, touting a huge Kerry victory, a momentum changing victory. The day after the poll the media was touting a NewsWeek Poll that showed a huge swing toward Kerry. That poll was quickly discredited. New polls were released today that show the poll numbers have not moved. The new ABC/WashPost poll released today shows that Bush maintained the five point lead he had going into the debate. The Pew research poll released today shows no movement in the poll numbers. RealClearPolitics has an analysis of the internals of the poll, which make arguing that Bush won the debate an easy argument.

The fact of the matter is that John Kerry made huge blunders that will ultimately sink his campaign. To that effect, Hugh Hewitt's producer Duane has created TitaniKerry, complete with a theme song.

Kerry also had an emotional reaction to the fact that the United States is pursuing bunker busting nuclear weapons to use in the war on terror. His reaction to the nuclear program will be judged on his record in the Senate. As Hugh hewitt has said, the statement is a window into Kerry's soul. Kerry is a pacifist, a globalist who believes that the United states must pass a "global test" before taking pre-emptive action.

Was George Bush as polished as Kerry? No, but no one expected him to be. Kerry was a champion high school debater, a noted university debater and has spent a lifetime debating on the floor of the Senate. Kerry memorized a script, (maybe even read a script) and delivered it well. But a polished delivery cannot hide the fundamental and fatal flaws in Kerry's positions.

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