Saturday, October 23, 2004

More Democratic Campaign Violence

This time in Cincinnati where the Bush/Cheney Campaign headquarters was broken into, robbed, and ransacked. This has become so common in this election that it barely makes the news. The Democrats have shot up several Bush/Cheney headquarters, stormed several more injuring volunteers inside, defaced property, vandalized cars, tormented a five year old girl in West Virginia, beaten a Bush/Cheney supporter and so on. It is disgraceful, but it is the predictable actions of a certain percentage of a party that has gone off the rails into the fever swamps of conspiracy and ugly rhetoric. When the leaders of the party say on a daily basis that the President lied to take us to war, that the Vice President is engaged in war profiteering using the blood of American soldiers to line his pockets, that the Attorney General has stripped the rights of citizens and trampled the constitution, that the SecDef intentionally orders the bombing of civilians, those party leaders are causing violence to occur. When the President is compared to Hitler, called a liar, a moron, "brain dead", an incompetent, an idiot, AWOL etc... by the leaders of a party, it has to be expected that some number of their followers will act on the hatred so openly displayed for the President and his administration.

The Democratic party has disgraced itself in this election. It has plumbed the depths of over the top, disgusting campaign rhetoric in an attempt to garner votes. From lying to senior citizens to pushing the theory George Bush will re-instate the draft, that he was told about 9/11 before it happened, that the Cheney's are ashamed of their daughter, that Iraq is a "quagmire", that Laura Bush has never held a "real job", and even that the President secretly has a drinking problem. All of this from a party that is supposed to be one of two serious parties in this country. Until the current leadership of that party is replaced by mainstream Democrats of the Harry Truman ilk, the party will continue to spiral into irrelevance, and it deserves to.

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