Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The New York Times: All The Lies Fit To Print

The New York Times has become nothing more than a liberal mouthpiece who's articles must be assumed to be untrue. A post last night on A Time For Choosing questioned the veracity of the report that the New York Times had trumpeted on its front page, that 380 tons of munitions has disappeared from a bunker in Iraq. Before the post could be published NBC News reported that its reporters, who were embedded with US Troops at the beginning of the war, were aware that the troops were at the munitions site at the beginning of the war and the munitions were indeed already gone.

It would be expected that a paper, on finding out that it's front page story was at best misleading and possibly (probably) intentionally so would issue a correction and an apology the next day to ensure that its credibility was not damaged. Instead the New York Times has gone deeper into Jayson Blair land, claiming this morning that their false headline from yesterday has become a campaign issue. The Times never mentions that NBC discredited their story last night. It is as if the breaking story from last night, that the munitions were already gone, never happeened. They simply continue in their falsehood, assuming all who read will believe.

Roger L. Simon believes that in the end this story will hurt the Times more than the Jayson Blair fiasco. Maybe. But the question is who believes that the Times as it is? Yes I am sure that many on the upper West Side of Manhattan read it and believe every word, but other than that small percentage of the population does the average American care what the Time says?

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