Monday, October 04, 2004

The October Surprise

Yesterday the AP was peddling a story about an "October Surprise" in this election. An event so big that it would instantaneously change the face of teh election. The example they gave was the capture of Osama Bin Laden. The article quoted minority leader Nancy Pelosi to the effect that the Democrats expect something to happen, and that they should brace for it. The piece by the AP was an attempt to undermine any event that might help Bush in October. At this point it is fair to say that Democrats and their friends in the media would not be happy if the United States did produce OBL before hte election. They would rather him remain at large until after the election, even if it did increase the risk of an attack. They view another Bush term as being more dangerous than the possibility that Bin laden would direct an attack against the United States.

If the Democrats weren't so shallow in their thinking, they would realize that the Bush Administration had engineered an October surprize months ago by scheduling the first Afghan election to be held this week. Americans will witness millions of Afghans lining up to vote in a country that only two years ago was the site of public executions and torture. But to the Democrats, the democratic reforms taking place in Afghanistan do not even register as an event. they are not interested in the progress that has been made in that country. John Kerry will not talk about the fantastic number of people who have registered to vote, almost half of whom are women. If you are a Kerry supporter, you must ask yourself why the most important event to take place since September 11th does not appear on the Democrats radar screen, even though it is taking place just weeks before the presidential election. What do the Democrats find more important? Why do they not understand the effect of a free and Democratic country in that part of the world?

Ralph Reiland of the Pittsburg Trib review has wriiten an article on this very subject. It is very telling that the Democrats seem to not care about the election in Afghanistan. Nor do the Democrats seem to care about the social progress being made in the country. John Simpson of the BBC has an article in the London Telegraph about the building boom in Kabul and how typical city street sounds heard around the world have replaced the unusual silence that ruled the city prior to the fall of the Taliban. Great progress has been made in Afghanistan and it is the type of progress that will eventually (starting with this January's elections) be made in Iraq.

If you know someone that is a John Kerry supporter, ask them what world changing event is taking place this Saturday. When they do not know the answer ask them why it is the Democrats, who portray themsleves as the party of human rights, do not seem to be aware of the elections in Afghanistan nor care about the progress the represent.

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