Saturday, October 30, 2004

October Surprise?

It is widely known (although not as widely known as it should be) that John Kerry consorted with the enemy after his return from Vietnam, while leader of the group Vietnam Veterans Against the War. There now seems to be conclusive proof that John Kerry was actually taking orders from the North Vietnamese Communists while still an officer in the Navy, a crime that actually precludes him from running for office of any sort, according to the Constitution. Why has the media not covered this? First and foremost because most of the members of the mainstream media sympathize with John Kerry's actions during the early 1970's. Second, they want Kerry to win the election. If they reveal to the public the fact that John Kerry met with, took orders from and pushed the cause of the enemy of the United States while we were still at war, he would lose 49 states. Massachusetts would vote for an ape if it had a (D) behind its name.

Documents, recently uncovered at the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech and verified for authenticity before their release, provide hard evidence that Kerry and ithers recieved guidance and clearance for their anti-war activities. The article is important because John Kerry has never apologized for his actions and statements after teh Vietnam War and he has refused to sign Form 180, as the President did, that would release all of his military records to the public. it is suspected that he refuses to release his records because he reieved a "less than honorabole" discharge from the Navy becasue of his anti-war, anti-American activities.

Read the entire article, send it to your friends. The main stream media will not report these findings, but the American public needs to know about them.

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