Thursday, October 07, 2004

Oil For Terror

With the testimony of Charles Duelfer before the Senate yesterday and the release of the CIA list of individuals and countries that recieved bribes from Saddam Hussein we have discovered the truth behind the opposition to the war in Iraq. A long post was written about this yesterday on A Time For Choosing. Read it here. This morning Powerline has more in this post, including excerpts from many of the articles in this morning's newspapers.

InstaPundit has more here including links to a story that points to how the mainstream media and the Democrats are attempting to portray this world wide scandal into a story about Halliburton, as amazing as that is.

The Democrats and the main stream media will scream the obvious fact from the report, that we did not find stockpiles of WMD's in Iraq. the real story however is the conspiracy, and it was and is a true conspiracy, of individuals, countries and foreign corporations to undermine US efforts to remove or contain Saddam Hussein.

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