Sunday, October 03, 2004

On Global Tests and Bunker Busters

Though the mainstream media is trying to portray the the presidential debate as a victory for John Kerry by using bogus polls, Kerry's statements in the debate were the beginning of the end of the election.

The most obvious target is Kerry's assertion that the United States must pass a "global test" before it defends itself. President bush immediately jumped on his words in the debate and has punded them home in campaign rally after campaign rally since then. The RNC has released a new commercial featuring the "global test" statement. Watch it here. The statement is so absurd that is has become the butt of jokes, such as this "Global Test" on the internet.

Although this is the first of Kerry's gaffes to be exploited, it will not be the last. Kerry's angry denigration of the United States program to develop bunker busting tactical nuclear weapons will probably be the next. Kerry's obvious indignation at the thought that we may develop a new weapon that would aid in the war on terror is a natural continuation of his career. Since his return from Vietnam, John Kerry has spent his career battling against American foreign policy. He, of course, protested against teh Vietnam War. He was elected Lt. Governor of Massachusetts running on a nuclear freeze and weapons system reduction platform. He ran for Senate on the same platform. He was an vehement opponent of Reagan's defense build up, advocating a nuclear freeze. He opposed Ronald Reagan's anti-communist efforts in Central America. He opposed and voted against the first Gulf War, which was sanctioned by the United Nations and whose coalition Mr. Kerry now cites as being "legitimate". He began his run for President as an anti-war candidate, but was forced to vote for the war when he felt is was politically expedient. After Howard Dean began to gain traction, he reverted to his anti-war stance and voted against the $87 billion supplement that provided armor and other weapons systems for the troops. He has changed positions on Iraq according to what is playing in the poles at the time. During the debate he went hard left, declaring the war was a mistake and that the money would have been better spent on education. His emotinal reaction to the nuclear program was the true John Kerry coming through. He is a pacifist. His assertion that the United States must pass a global test, his constant references to "allies" and "coalitions" and his assertion that a "summit" will help end the war on terror are all natural outflows of his pacifism.

John Kerry has promised that he will defend America, but the question is how he defines defense. Does John Kerry believe that a "summit" is just as effective a defense as seeking out and destroying the terrorists wherever they are? Is a summit just another form of defense to John Kerry?

We cannot afford for John Kerry to be wrong about his "summit's" and his "global test". As we waste time trying to convince the dictators in the United Nations to approve actions, countries like Iran and North Korea will continue to develop, build and test nuclear weapons that will be more than willing to sell or give those weapons to terrorist groups.

John Kerry has done a lot of the Bush Campaigns work for them. He has defined himslef as a far left antiwar candidate in a time of war. No serious person in the country can believe that the money we have spent in Iraq in an attempt to change the root cause of terrorism would have been better spent on education in this country. No American after witnessing the devestation of September 11th can believe that the United States should pass a "global test" before acting to defend its people. Before the debate the majority of John Kerry's support came from people who simply despise the President. Today his support comes from people who despise the President and are impressed by a practiced presentation, no matter how empty and inane the words behind the presentation may be.

To John Kerry's supporters it is not important what John Kerry said, it is only important that he looked good saying it.

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