Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Osama Bin Laden Video

Reading the trascript of the Osama Bin Laden video several things demand attention. The first is of course the similarity between the statements Bin Laden makes in the video and most of the Kerry Campaign's talking points. For example, bin Laden states:

I am so surprised by you. Although we are in the fourth year after the events of sept 11, Bush is still practicing distortion and misleading on you, and obscuring the main reasons and therefore the reasons are still existing to repeat what happened before. I will tell you the reasons behind theses incidents.

Hmm. The "Bush Lied" meme. This has been the foundation of the Democratic Party's existance the past two years. It is what sustains them. Bin Laden is using it to try to turn the American people against the President, just as John Kerry does on a daily basis.

Bin Laden continues:

We didn't find difficulty dealing with Bush and his administration due to the similarity of his regime and the regims in our countries. Whish half of them are ruled by military and the other half by sons of kings and presidents and our experience with them is long. Both parties are arrogant and stubborn and the greediness and taking money without right and that similarity appeared during the visits of Bush to the region while people from our side were impressed by the US and hoped that these visits would influence our countries. Here he is being influenced by these regimes, Royal and military. And was feeling jealous they were staying for decades in power stealing the nations finances without anybody overseeing them. So he transferred the oppression of freedom and tyranny to his son and they call it th e Patriot Law to fight terrorism. He was bright in putting his sons as governors in states and he didn't forget to transfer his experience from the rulers of our region to Florida to falsify elections to benefit from it in critical times.

Bush Adminstration = regime. This has been said by everyone from the most radical leftists to elected members of Congress. Patriot Act = oppression of freedom and tyranny. A Kerry Campaign theme. He was for the Patriot Act, but now he wants to dilute it. It seems that Osama Bin Laden does as well. And finally from this paragraph the grandaddy of all Democratic fever swamp conspiracies, the one that permeates the entire Democratic Party from top to bottom - Bush stole Florida, by way of his brother who was "installed" as Governor. I am shocked that he did not mention hanging chads or Katherine Harris or disenfranchisement of African Americans. It seems like he really missed an opportunity by not throwing that in.

More from Bin Laden:

We agreed with Mohamed Atta, god bless him, to execute the whole operation in 20 minutes. Before Bush and his administration would pay attention and we never thought that the high commander of the US armies would leave 50 thousand of his citizens in both towers to face the horrors by themselves when they most needed him because it seemed to distract his attention from listening to the girl telling him about her goat butting was more important than paying attention to airplanes butting the towers which gave us three times the time to execute the operation thank god.

This is incredible. He had taken full responsibility for September 11th earlier in the tape, and does so again with his discussion about the planning with Mohammed Atta (sorry to all you nutburgers out there who believe that President Bush planned and executed September 11th himself, and to those of you who believe that Israeli intelligence was responsible). He then proceeds to basically quote from Michael Moore's F9/11 script. He actually refers to the book, "My Pet Goat" and the seven minutes Bush was in the classroom before he excused himself. Funny, John Kerry and Michael Moore have both focused on that book and those seven minutes as well. Did Terry McAuliffe fax the DNC's talking points to OBL?

The transcript of the video available on Drudge ends here, however ther is the transcript of a female presenter who describes Bin Laden talking about a war for oil etc... He also speaks of th economic damage that 9/11 brought to this country. That is where he and Kerry part company. Kerry has never acknowledged the effect of September 11th on the American economy, in fact he has barely acknowledged the date at all. Powerline points out another area where Kerry and Bin Laden part ways. Bin Laden acknowledges the fact that we are at war. Kerry has not done that, and could not muster the will to do it in his response to the Bin Laden video, as pointed out by a Powerline reader. This was Kerry's statement on the Bin laden video in part:

"...we are all united in hunting down and capturing or killing those who conducted that raid and we always knew that that was Osama bin Laden."

Yep, a raid. Bin Laden speaks of war. Kerry speaks of a "nuicance", a "law enforcement issue" and a "raid".

The Belmont Club has a very interesting take on the video, which I have to say does come across on Bin Ladens words. The Belmont Club believes that the tape is a thinly veiled surrender.

If you are a Kerry supporter you must ask yourself why OBL's talking points sound so similar to John Kerry's.

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