Tuesday, October 05, 2004

President of Poland Slams Kerry Denigration of Iraq Coalition

Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski has slammed John Kerry over his denigration of the coalition fighting in Iraq. Excerpts:

"It is sad that a senator with 20 years of experience does not recognize Polish contribution. This is immoral," Kwasniewski told FACTS in an interview commenting on the US Presidential Debate.

"It is sad that a senator with 20 years of experience underestimates Polish sacrifice, this is sad."

The Polish President added however that one should consider this was a part of the ongoing electoral campaign.

"I do not think this was out of ignorance," the president emphasized on the TVN Facts.

"There is one thing which should be stated clearly: this coalition is not just the United States, Great Britain, Australia alone; it also involves participation of Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Spanish soldiers who have died. It is immoral not to recognize the involvement we contributed based on our conviction that there should be unity in fighting terrorism, that there was a need to display international solidarity and that Saddam Hussein was a dangerous individual of this world."

"President Bush acted like a real Texan gentleman, he made sure to show appreciation for other countries' involvement in the coalition," Kwasniewski pointed out.

This is the beginning of the exposure of another huge Kerry gaffe from the debate. Kery denigrated not only the contribution of the coalition partners in Iraq, but also the new Prime Minister in Iraq. His wife has denigrate dthe mission of that the military men and women are currently engaged. Vice Presidential candidate has, and likely will again tonight, called Iraq a quagmire. The core of Kerry’s plan (if you can call it that) for the war on terror and Iraq, is to hold a “summit” to get more allies to help in Iraq. Kerry the “coalition maker” has managed to denigrate and insult the allies that had the integrity to fight against terror around the world.

Kerry cannot answer the chargeds made by the President of Poland, because he does not respect those who have participated in what he feels is a mistake.

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